Sirius' Veil Stereo SVVCF

Sirius' Veil Stereo SVVCF

Sirius' Veil is a stereo state variable filter with interesting features.

The right audio input is normalized to the left audio input for mono input signals. There is a master cutoff control and master CV control in the middle, and a switch to invert the master CV to the left channel for panning type effects. Each channel has VC resonance, cutoff offset, offset CV, and a VCA. The right VCA is normalized to the left VCA.

You are able to choose the filter state (LP, BP, HP, NP) with a push button, or a it can be changed via a gate or trigger into the "state" input. A three position switch on each side selects the number of steps available (2, 3 or 4).

Pairs great with a Gravitational Waves!

***These are hand built to order and may require up to 1 - 2 weeks fulfillment time. Usually less than a week, but sometimes I get busy.***