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End of Year Sale Ends Sunday

Sunday, or Monday morning if I fall asleep before doing it, the end of the year sales will end.

I'm probably going to shut the shops down for a bit in January to catch up orders and get some prototypes finished up. I'd like to take some time to build up inventory so I'm not operating in full "build to order" mode. That can get stressful.

I currently only have 21 orders left in queue as of right now, which is actually pretty good for me and I feel like I'm catching up. I'm pretty sure I can power through a lot of it this weekend. I am running short on some parts, PCBs, and panels so some orders may be held up waiting for items to complete them. A better inventory tracking system for 2021 may be in order.

I'm feeling a little more positive as I get caught up. I really want to get some new modules released this year but I many need to limit availability of others as my selection increases in order for me to keep up with orders. I'd like to get to a point where I can bring on additional help.

As always! Thanks for everyone's support! Here's a picture of Finn monopolizing my spot on the couch as a thank you!

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