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  • Are you goign to offer more PCBs and Panels for DIY?
    YES. i just suck at writing documentation. Once I get more of my projects documented properly I will add them.
  • This listing is marked as "Built to order". How long will it take?"
    I like to say up to two week as a maximun, but usually I ship withing a week. It depends of how backed up with orders I am. Contact me for an estimate.
  • Will you have more parts availible?
    Right now the parts that are availible are just what I order in bulk for my own builds. If there is enough demand for more in the future I will add them.
  • Do you ship to Europe?
    Yes. Shipping will be calculated on checkout.
  • Is this a real FAQ or more of a placeholder?
    It's more of a placeholder for noe.
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